👨 Fatherhood

1 year ago today, I became a father. It was the greatest thing to happen in my life, followed closely by my wedding day. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true. I’ve heard people say having kids changes your life, but you never really think it will until it happens to you, and then you are forever changed.

I would never have thought it, but these two events have changed my views on the world. I knew things would be different in many aspects of my life. With each event, I was joining my life with someone else. I didn’t expect that I would think of things differently and that my priorities would change so much.

Free Time

I used to be a heavy gamer and avid movie watcher. Now, I do it when I have time. And the thing that really shocks me… I don’t miss it. I just love spending time with my family and watching Olivia grow and discover new things. I find myself getting home from work and playing with Olivia. Once we all get home, we talk about how our days were and about how Olivia’s day was at daycare. Next thing we know its almost 6 pm and we need to start dinner. It’s amazing how we can get lost in conversation.


Man, does my daughter have personality. Just look at this video.

She just loves to dance and laugh. I have never met anyone this happy and fun to be around. There are small moments in every day that just melt my heart. When I arrive at daycare to pick her up, I get to see her playing with her friends. She is in her own world. But once I say her name and she hears my voice, she pauses and then realizes I am there, and a big smile and cheerful scream comes out. As she makes her way to me. Also, when I am driving with her and we park, I walk around to her side. I love the moments when I see her sitting so calmly in the car seat. Then I see her excitement when I open the door, she is smiling and laughing and talking to me.


Every day I see her discovering something new. She is so curious and soaks up everything she sees. I am so proud of her and how smart she is and will become.

My Best Friend

I got to marry my best friend! Most people hope for this. In the almost 2 years, we have been married a lot has changed. We had our beautiful daughter, we moved into our wonderful home and became much closer. She has become the most important person in my life. I know if she hadn’t come into my life I might still be working in the semi trucks at UPS. But now I am in a career that I love and that interests me. She has become such an amazing mother to Olivia. I think back to that trip home one day and Olivia cried most of the way home. She climbed in the back seat and sat with her and sang to her. I knew right there that we had a wonderful mom in our family. Someone that is so caring for us and at the same time gives us a loving push. I love her more and more each day. LOTS.


I hope to give my family everything they deserve, but I know we will be just fine as long as we just have each other.

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